Build Your Foundation for Lasting Success

Coming from a construction background I know the importance of a solid foundation to any building or structure. The new building codes today are very demanding when it comes to footings and foundations, and with good reason. A building needs a solid … [Read more]

Stop Fighting Yourself!!

I had what I would term a "break through" moment last night. I was promoting my fitness business at a Girls Night Out event right here in Woonsocket. I had a little table with all my promotional material spread out, ready to engage and interact with … [Read more]

What Have You Taken a Break From Lately?

I'm a big fan of cycling. Yes, I do enjoy riding my bicycle when the weather is nice, but I'm not talking about that kind of cycling. I'm talking about cycling different things in and out of your day to day life. What types of things do I think you … [Read more]

Hipsters, Happiness, and You

  I was in a coffee shop the other day. I find I do some of my best writing and thinking in coffee shops. Not sure why, but that seems to be where my brain works best. Maybe it's all the caffeine I'm taking in or just that "coffee shop vibe". Any … [Read more]